Group Reservations

Do you reserve for groups, weddings, family reunions or other events? Our Group Reservation feature makes it easy.

See all the rooms reserved under one group name, and how many are coming. You even have the ability to view which guests have checked in or out from the Group Reservation screen. The main host or contact person is right on top with phone number and email address for easy communication. You can start by assigning all rooms under the host name, then reassign rooms to individuals as they sign up or call in. Bill everything to the host, or to each room. Print or email a confirmation to the host!

Setup a task list and reminders for planned activities and events. Leave detailed notes for staff for special needs or requests, and enter the name of the honorary guest in a prominent place.

Agent Reservations

If you take reservations from travel agents, our ‘Agent Reservation’ feature will make it easy for you to track agent reservation history and commissions. Travel agent information is all in one place and includes a separate commission rate for each agent. You have the ability to print or email an agent confirmation that calculates and displays the commissions earned. You can also view or print the ‘Reservations by Agent’ report to see the history for each agency.

All room rates and miscellaneous charges in the system have a toggle to mark if they are commissionable for agent reservations.