Reservations 9.0

We have listened to your requests for new features, added a few of our own, and are proud to release Reservations 9.0. We are excited about our new upgrade and hope you will be too. If you have already demo’ed one of our previous releases it’s time to look again. We think you will like what you see.

Check out a demo or look at screen shots to see Reservations 9.0 for yourself!

Reservations 9.0 Continues to Get Better!

Based on user feedback, we will periodically release updates, which are free to all of our version 9.0 users. Look for updates to be listed here. We also notify users who are signed up for our Tips and Tricks newsletter of updates as they are released. To sign up, please use the link at the bottom of the ‘Help and Support’ page.

Highlighted Features for Reservations 9.0
Reservations Go

  • Enter guest information on the Go!
  • Conveniently track reservations using your iPhone or iPad.
  • Synchronizes with your PC copy of Reservations 9.0
  • easily share information with your team while on the go.
  • Connect to your data anywhere on iPad and iPhone



This has been a long awaited addition to the Reservations system; we now have included an add-on calendar. The new calendar has the following features:

  • Calendar can be viewed in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly formats
  • With the push of a button all reservations will be refreshed from ReservationV9 into the calendar.
  • After a refresh, the reservation details will be displayed on the Event details screens and when hovering over an event.
  • Ability to print the Contents on the Calendar in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views.
  • User has the ability to easily add additional appointments to the calendar. For example, holidays, special events, maintenance schedules, etc.

User Defined Reservation Number

We have added a new feature in which the user may assign their own initial Custom Reservation ID. Reservations comes set up with a preset reservation number, but users may now establish their own initial Reservation number.
Custom Res #

Enhanced Reservations Entry

drop-down list

Enhanced the drop-down lists in the Reservation area on the Guest ID, Host ID, and Agent ID fields to allow type-ahead type searching of the customer last name. This will greatly increase efficiency when dealing with a large number of guests or agents.

Invoicing Enhancements


  • Modified all Invoice and Confirmation forms to include the Guest Name and Company Name (if applicable) in the address block.
  • Added the ability to include the Room Number on the Invoice and Confirmations. In the Settings area users can specify if they would like the Room Number to appear on Invoices and Confirmations.
Room # on Invoice