Tracking Reservations and Guests

Just set up your rooms & rates, and you’re ready to start taking reservations!

Guest Information

Guest information is stored so you never have to enter it twice. Find a previous guest in the system, click a button to create a new reservation for that guest and it auto-fills the form for you. For new guests, you can enter the guest name and address on the reservation form and it will automatically be stored in the Guest information area of the program that keeps a history of each visit. Make note of birthdays and anniversaries in the contact log/memo area, and even setup reminders to contact them!

Keep In Touch With Guests & Inquiries

Store detailed information for all of your guests and even about those who simply inquire. Send email blasts to groups of people, for example: offer specials for those who have birthdays and anniversaries coming up, or offer a special for the same weekend your guests visited last year. Export mail merge files to use with your word processing software to make personalized letters. You can also create and print mailing labels directly from !



Graphically View Availability

The ‘Search Availability’ button will show you a visual calendar ‘grid’ that shows you the rooms that are available at-a-glance. When booking rooms, simply click on an available room on the calendar, then finish with the reservation, including adding payments or deposits. You can even add them to a waiting list. A drop-down list of rooms and related rates makes data entry fast & easy. Print and fax the confirmation or email it! Use the virtual terminal to process credit card payments with PayPal or your own merchant account.