Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a limit to the number of rooms or rates I can have?
No. The only limit to the number of records in the system is the size of your hard drive!

What operating systems will Reservations run on?
Reservations will run on Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home (Service Pack 1), Windows 7, Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later ( has not been tested on OS X Lion).

Can I use this software on a network?
Yes, if you purchase the Multi-user version. This version requires that each user on your network have a copy of FileMaker installed on their computer. When you purchase a Multi-user version of our software, FileMaker is bundled with the software. If you need more that 9 users, FileMaker Server software will also be required. Please contact us for a quote.

Can I upgrade to another version later and keep all my records?
Yes. When you purchase an upgrade and are currently using version 5 or later, our ‘update wizard’ will transfer all your records from the previous version. If you are using version 4 or earlier, we provide this service for a $149.00 fee.

Can I include extra charges, for example if a guest uses a roll-away bed or I want to charge a pet fee?
Yes. When you set up one room named ‘other’, you can enter all these types of charges that can be added to the guest invoice. Please see our user manual for more information.

Can I send email confirmations?
Yes. The program can send email confirmations to your default email program. If you have an ‘always on’ internet connection, the email is sent immediately. Otherwise it will be in the ‘outbox’ or ‘drafts’ box until you sign on (depending on your email program and preferences set).

I’m having trouble printing invoices and confirmations to PDF.
Users of our Multi-User Version or the Macintosh Single-User version should not have any difficulty printing to PDF. Please contact us for assistance if you are experiencing this problem. If you are a Windows user of the Single-User Version of and having trouble printing the confirmations as PDF, we have some resources for you. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, we are unable to provide a PDF printer with the software for your version. However, please visit either or to download free PDF printer software.

Can I add our company logo to the invoices?
Yes. The Single user version allows for you to customize the logo in the Settings area. The multi-user and developer versions allow you to further modify the invoices and confirmation layouts with FileMaker.

How does handle taxes?
There are two taxes you can setup in the Settings area that can apply to your room charges and/or sales items. You set the name and rate for the taxes and then assign them to your room rates and other charges.

Does have a visual calendar view to show availability?
Yes. See at a glance what rooms are available, if the reservation is confirmed with a credit card, is a deposit held, conflicts, and how many guests are in each room. Click on a name in the calendar grid view to pop-up the details of that reservation, and check guests in and out. Click on an available date to start a reservation.

Can I print out a hard copy of the calendar to review?
Yes. Navigate to the reports menu to select one or multiple calendar dates to print.

How do I search for a specific Reservation?
Start with the Availability Calendar if you know the check-in and/or out dates. Otherwise, all the screens in the system have a ‘Find’ button to search for records. Click this button on the Reservation screen, then type in the search criteria. Hit the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key to start the search. You can search on all fields on the screen.

Does the system keep information on old customers so I don’t have to add them again?
Yes. Search for an existing guest in the pop-up ‘Guest ID’ list on the reservation entry screen before entering them. If they are in the list, select their name. Otherwise, you can enter the new name and it will automatically be added to the Guest Info area and the pop-up list.

Can I limit users from accessing the entire database?
Yes. There are several standard accounts that are preset in . Manager and Admin accounts have almost unlimited access the database. User, View Only, POS, and Front Desk have limited access, review the User Manual section 1.6 for more details.

How do I get help when I need it?
We encourage you to watch the streaming training movies on this site to help you get started, and read the ‘Getting Started’ instructions in the Help menu. We offer a detailed user manual for downloading from our site. There are also screen specific ‘Help’ buttons on almost every screen to give you step-by-step instructions. You can view these help instructions on the screen, or print notes. If you still cannot find the answer you need, please visit our ‘Support” page for more options.

What is FileMaker??
Our Reservations software was written with the FileMaker database software. FileMaker is the engine that runs the reservations system. The single user version includes a limited edition of this engine, but you’ll need multiple copies to share the system on a network (one for each user). FileMaker also allows you to modify the layouts of the multi-user version to customize it. For example, you can add pictures, change fonts and colors, etc.