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  • Easy Check-in
  • Finding Records
  • Group Reservations
  • Printing Reservations
  • Batch Printing Invoices
  • Tips & Service Charges


  • Interests and Activities
  • Occasions Value List
  • Reconnecting with Guests
  • Staying Personal with your Guests
  • Waiting List


  • Another Use for Room Maintenance
  • Room Maintenance
  • Seasonal Rates
  • Creating rooms for a new year
  • View your rooms in order

  • Commissionable Rates for Agents
  • Another use for Agent Info area

  • Asset Tracking
  • Projected Income
  • Year end tasks and accounting
  • Year end reporting
  • Customize your invoice
Miscellaneous Topics

  • Alternate Deposit Policy
  • The power of the To-Do-List
  • User Defined Fields
  • User Defined Field Reports
  • Help with Finding
  • Backup Procedures

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Email secure PDF Confirmations
  • Inquiries

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