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For insurance purposes, you will want to utilize the ‘furniture’ tab of the Room screen to enter the contents of each room. You can enter an unlimited number of items for each room, the condition, when the item was placed and when replaced.
Print the ‘Furniture List’ report and submit to your insurance agent to be sure you are covered.

If you enter the charge for accommodations when your guests book, the ‘Invoice Log Summary’ report can show you the accommodations income for future months.

  1. From the Reports area, click the ‘Invoice Log Summary’ or the ‘Invoice Log Detail’ report links.
  2. Click the ‘Find’ button at the top of the screen and enter a date range, then click the ‘Perform’ button.

Starting a new year in Reservations is very simple. Just click a button to set up rooms for the new year and you’re all set! (See the Help Notes, User Manual, or the Reservations Tips area for more details.) To keep your system running lean, you can also delete rooms and rates from prior years. This will not remove any reservation history or receipts for reporting on prior years. It just removes rooms for years that you will no longer be making reservations for, and makes the process for viewing availability quicker.
At year end, you also want to transfer all your invoices to your accounting program, and if you use MYOB or AccountEdge, this is a snap. Just click a few buttons to export your guest invoices out for import into the accounting software.
Don’t use accounting software? The new year is a good time to begin. MYOB or AccountEdge offers a check book, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll, plus over 100 financial reports. NOTE: To find out more about this accounting software, please use the following URLs:
United States:

Use these reports for year-end tallying of sales and receipts:

  • Reservations by Month – find all reservations for the year and preview or print this report to see totals for each month.
  • Sales by Item – find all records for the year and preview or print to see sales subtotaled by item for the year.
  • Receipts Log – find all records for the year and preview or print to see total receipts by day for the year.
  • Deposits Held – this report shows a total for all deposits held but not used in the system.